Running Group

We usually meet for a run once a week. We chose different running trails to mix it up but always make sure that those who can't keep up anymore can chose another shorter route in the middle. We are also planning of meeting once a month for other activities such as yoga. But that is still in planning.

Why We Think Running Is Awesome

Running is awesome because

  • it makes you fit
  • it takes your mind of the everyday stress in your life
  • it helps you lose weight
  • you have the chance to exercise outside in nature
  • we are running at a slow pace that is beneficial but not too exhausting
  • it makes your skin glow
  • you will look great after a few weeks because it tones your body
  • we can still chat along the way :)

Some of us have joint us post-pregnancy and that is totally okay! We are welcoming even the most untrained person to our group!

Tips for Newbies

Running is a very accessible sport (that's why we do it!) but that also means that a lot of newbies start running at an unnatural pace or are simply not mentally prepared for it. Most of the time we set goals that are not easy to reach and then we are disappointed in the end. Although doesn't require anything special (other than running shoes and clothes for exercising), it is still not something to be taken lightheaded. If you just start out, tell us! And we take it slowly together. Because most injuries occur for that one single reason - people get excited too fast. Running is one of those sports which shows the greatest results when slowly build up. Start slowly, and then increase. Bit by bit. And you will see great results. Many of us now have become "running addicts". They hated it before but now go running with us once a week and two more times by themselves. It is a great way to train the mind and your body to be more healthy and more fit. But it takes patience. You have enough stress and hurry in your everyday life, so take this one a little more slowly, and just enjoy the benefits as you see them coming one after another!

Invest In The Right Gear

I can't stress enough how important good running shoes are. But besides choosing the right footwear, it is also recommended to invest in some high quality (technical) socks, shirts and shorts. Avoid 100% cotton as you will be sweating a lot and other types of fabric are more beneficial. These fabrics tend not to soak up the sweat so much.